$ 199,-

suba.coldbottle.pocket - bottle cooler



  • weight of bottle holder 13.76 oz (390 g)
  • weight of cooling pad 31.04 oz (880 g)
  • dimensions when open 13" 17.13" 1.77"
    (33 cm 43,5 cm 4,5 cm)
  • dimensions when closed 13" 4.33" 7"
    (33 cm 11 cm 18 cm)
  • Made in Hamburg, Germany

Sometimes it has to be sparkling!

Sparkling wine, or a noble champagne? In our suba.coldbottle.pocket, each and every drop of your precious drink will reach your picnic perfectly tempered and well protected. It will stay refreshing up to the last drop with the genius 3-compartment cooling pad. The bottle cooler is not only sharp looking, the holding rope also adjusts to any bottle size.
Your SUBA picnic blanket will become your favorite party location, guaranteed!

Picnic Makers

Every bottle reaches it's picnic destination

well cooled and well protected thanks to our suba.coldbottle.pocket.
Depending on the kind of beverage, the cooling before and the outside temperature, the beverage will keep it's refreshing cool temperature up to 3 hours.
To make sure of that, we provide the highest quality metal industrial-grade thermometer, made in Germany by

Schlanke Weinflaschen

ebenso wie bauchige Champagnerflaschen werden mit dem feinen aber festen Segelseil sicher an ihrem Platz gehalten.
Dabei gleichen zwei verschieden hoch laufende Seildurchführungen auch sehr unterschiedliche Flaschenbodendurchmesser aus.

1 cooling pad - 3 compartments

The cooling pad is situated in a pouch on the back side of the suba.coldbottle.
Just put it in your freezer to prepare for your picnic.

We assure that it stays in place by magnets which connect the pad to the pocket casing.
The cooling gel is divided into 3 compartments, so it will always cool the bottle evenly.
Naturally, our cooling gel is biodegradable!

Picnic Makers
Picnic Makers


Picnic Makers


Picnic Makers


Picnic Makers


Picnic Makers


Picnic Makers