Luxurious open air experiences - that's Suba!

Bumblebees in the air...

and the scent of freshly cut grass.

A perfect picnic takes us back to childhood memories of easygoing summers, to moments of happiness when everything felt real and right.
We created our picnic essentials for these very moments.
You'll love our top-notch, sustainable and beautiful collection for a long time to come.

Picnic Makers

suba - your partner in fine, everyday picnic-essentials

Enjoy our high-end, attractive products.

Picnic sets that you'll love forever, that meet all your needs for a perfect, easily put together picnic.

We call it “Instant-Picnic”!

Picnic Makers

Our picnic equipment is unmatched in quality and design - Made in Hamburg, Germany!

We use exclusively Sunbrella@ (Patentzeichen?) fabrics, known worldwide for excellent durability. Marine-grade outdoor fabrics, used for sails and deckchairs by well-known Yacht equipment providers.

Zip, click and done!

Be inspired to make your own, ever-changing picnic set. Each component of our expandable kit is interchangeable and there are countless possible combinations.

Our complete bag variety, including flatware-, cooling-, baguette- or drink pouches, can be completed fast and easy to create your personalized picnic set.

Modularität & Flexibilität
Picnic Makers